Installing ZENDServer in Vagrant

As a note to myself, this is how I installed ZENDServer in Vagrant and connected with it using the ZEND IDE on Mac OSX.

Installing ZEND in Vagrant

First login to your box (vagrant ssh), then remove the current php (sudo apt-get remove libapache2-mod-php5 php5-*).

Download the latest ZEND Server into the box (wget the latest and run sudo ./ 5.5 if you want to install php-5.5).

Check if it works and complete the setup by going to: (or whatever is your vagrant ip-address).

Connecting the ZEND Studio to the new server

Create a new project from the local files and add a new PHP server. Set the base-url to be the same as above ( and optionally set the Document Root to be the path to your site (/var/www/public_html/, for instance).

You should be set up and ready to go :)