Send Cookie - creating a shop in Etsy

To test the onboarding process of Etsy, and basically just for fun, I’ve created my own shop. The shop has the amazingly great premise that people would want to send a cookie with a text on it.

So far, my findings are that Etsy has a quite easy process for setting up shop. They could be more clear on the pricing, however! For every ‘listing’ they take $0.20, they take 3.5% of the selling price as commission and they charge a payment processing fee of 4% (over the total amount, shipping included!) plus 0.30 euro.

In my example: my ‘product’ costs 3 euro and sending costs are also 3 euro (for international sending). This means that on each ‘cookie card’ I pay Etsy 0.845 euro (assuming dollar and euro have an equal exchange rate). What complicates the matter is that these costs are not listed in one place.

Of course, shipping is not something I can reduce in price so the Etsy costs are almost a third of my product (28% of the costs to be exact). This percentage would go down quickly if I made my products more expensive…

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The product

Say it with cookies: send a cookie stuck on cardboard, with your own message on it

Send Cookie Send Cookie Send Cookie Send Cookie

And that’s how they arrive: Send Cookie

Click here to send your own cookie