Example survey

This is an example for the Jekyll-survey repository. Surveys or questionnaires can be multipage or single page. This example is multipage with no questions on the first page.

Pages can be as long as you want and are responsive (look good on mobile devices). You can easily add links, images, tables, headings and make text bold or italic using Markdown.

This survey contains…

The next page contains some question examples. The third page shows a ‘pair-wise comparison’ question. It takes a minute to complete.

You can view the source for this survey in the repository.

Some intro questions...

Questions are written down in a format similar to markdown, and markdown can be used in the labels:

Which of these answers is the right answer?

this is line two click here to see my site

This question looks like this in markdown:

{% multiple_choice name:"radiobutton" type:"radio" %}
# Which of these answers is the right answer?
this is line _two_ [click here to see my site](www.mysite.com)
[ ](answerA) A: This is **the correct** answer
[](answerB) B: A is the correct answer
[X](allAbove) C: All of the above
{% endmultiple_choice %}

Image example

Using Markdown it’s easy to embed an image in a survey. Please look at this image closely and answer the question below.

Example from Unsplash

Which countries have you ever visited?

(multiple options are possible)

Likert scales

A common question type is the Likert scale. This question-type is easy to create this as well:

The capacity to experience emotions is important for intelligence

Free text

There are two types of free text possible, a text-area and a text-box.

Take a look at this javascript-code and give your feedback below.

function hello(world) {
  alert("hello " + world)

How would you improve the javascript above?

you can write an example below

Combined questions

It’s also possible to group inputs in one question-block (as long as they are the same type):

What’s your name?

What’s your email-address?

again, the markdown is easy to read:

{% text_input name:"contact" %}
# What's your name?
[First and last name](name) Your full name _optional_

# What's your email-address?
[[email protected]](email) _optional_
{% endtext_input %}

Storing answers

Answers can be stored in any backend of your choosing, by default Firebase. Answers are stored when participants click next page.

Pairwise comparison

The next page demonstrates pair-wise comparison.

Which one is the most intelligent?

End of survey!

Thank you for participating! To make your own survey or questionnaire, go to the Jekyll-survey repository.